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Brand Concept
Talent and perseverance, that is how fashion designer Danielle Guizio has made her way from shipping orders out of the basement of her childhood home in suburban New Jersey to being at the forefront of the women’s streetwear movement.

Genius and perseverance, that's how fashion designer Danielle guizio got his orders from the basement of his childhood home in suburban New Jersey, all the way to the forefront of the women's streetwear movement. Guizio dropped out of school to focus on building its own brand of the same name.


Designer Profile
Born in Fairfield, New Jersey, guizio was a passionate social media enthusiast in high school. In the world of MySpace, she established her own social circle. Before the outbreak of social media, she explored the possibility of the Internet world, held parties with children in neighboring towns, went to Los Angeles to attend music festivals with friends, At the same time, they share their daily wear, and their enthusiasm for fashion is deeply rooted from this period.

After high school, guizio applied to study fashion business at Lim college in New York, but the orientation of the college was quite different from what she imagined, which also gave guizio a new understanding of the fashion industry. A year later, she dropped out of school and returned to her hometown of Fairfield at the age of 19.

The decision to quit school and go home makes guizio and her peers seem out of place. When all her friends are at school, she is also thinking about her future. Her vision of fashion industry makes her have to start again: return to community college to study business, work part-time in a local jeweler, and learn about retail. At the age of 22, guizio suffered a major accident in her life. Her liver was found to be a tumor. Doctors couldn't determine whether it was cancerous. They had to carry out a series of operations and hospitalization until a few months later she was told it wasn't cancer.

Tomorrow and the accident, I never know which will come first. This sudden event also made guizio understand the meaning of life, and she will start to do what she really wants to do. In 2014, the personal brand of Danielle guizio started from the basic T-shirt.

Without any technology and design learning background, everything needs to be groped forward. Guizio simply presents the visual effect she imagined in her mind, and social media has become an important force to boost the start of the brand. Most of her sales are on MySpace, twitter and instagram, and her followers became the first customers of the brand.

The subsequent development was as smooth as it was. Nasty gal became the first boutique for the brand to enter. Then, through the relationship of social media, guizio sent Kylie Jenner some clothes. The chain reaction caused by social media made it girl, including Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, become a fan of the brand.